The one thing Fort Wayne divers desperately need

Pop quiz!

(Don't worry ... this is a judgment-free zone, and we'll probably give you an A+ just for playing along)

Olympic divers compete from springboards and platforms at the following heights:

a) 1-meter springboard
b) 3-meter springboard
c) 10-meter platform
d) both B and C

Feelin' pretty confident with your choice? Alright, the moment of truth has arrived ...

If you said "d," you have every right to celebrate (high-fives and fist-bumps all around!)

Surprisingly, a lot of people don't know that Olympic divers -- both men and women -- compete on a 3-meter springboard (individual and synchronized) and a 10-meter platform (individual and synchronized).

Now, here's an extra-credit question ...

Divers in Fort Wayne have access to to the following:
a) 1-meter springboard
b) 3-meter springboard
c) 5-meter platform
d) 10-meter platform

Well, that was sort of a trick question (forgive us!), because it depends on the facility.

Southwest Allen County Schools Natatorium (Summit Middle School) has two 1-meter springboards.

Northwest Allen County Schools Natatorium (Carroll High School) has two 1-meter springboards.

And Helen P. Brown Natatorium (South Side High School) has two 3-meter springboards + two 1-meter springboards.

If you're keeping track, that's TWO 3-meter springboards -- and ZERO platforms -- in a city that is arguably one of the biggest diving powerhouses in the state.

Consider this:

The Homestead High School girls team has maintained dominance with THREE of Indiana's TOP EIGHT divers for the last two years.

And Homestead junior Jackie Brenn was the girls STATE CHAMPION in 2016 and the RUNNER-UP in 2017 and 2018.

High school divers compete on a 1-meter springboard, but to be considered for college scholarship opportunities, athletes must have a list of 3-meter scores.

Bottom line: Our divers need access to better-equipped facilities.

It's time.

Let's build an aquatic center that will position our talented athletes for success on the world stage.

Allison Brown
NIACF Executive Director