Sneak peek: A look inside the future aquatic center

I am beyond excited!

Over the last few weeks, members of the Fort Wayne swim and dive community have expressed contagious enthusiasm for the aquatic center project.

Truly, your questions and excitement energize me, as I am reminded just how desperately we need a facility that will meet the growing needs of this community.

Let me tell you ... there is SO MUCH awesomeness in store!

The picture above is a professional rendering of the future Northern Indiana Aquatic Center. (Lovely, isn't it?)

But to tell you the truth, I'm most excited about the details you can't see in this picture. If there were a way to peek inside, you'd see ...

  • A 10-lane, 50-meter long-course pool
  • A diving well with 1- and 3-meter platforms and a diving tower, very similar to the one at IUPUI
  • A therapy pool
  • Dedicated areas for dryland training and physical therapy
  • Spacious staging areas for large meets, including Paralympic events
  • A pro shop (that's right -- no more shot-in-the-dark online suit orders!)
  • Space for swimmers of all levels (Dipping your toes in the water at your first lesson? Training for a competitive high school season? Keeping your groove on as a Masters swimmer at age 70? Everyone will be welcome!)
  • And yes, seating for 1,500 #swimfans and #divefans (because no onelikes rubbing sweaty elbows with the people next to them)

Honestly, I can't wait to see this come together. It's going to be huge for our clubs and our community.

Stay tuned for future email updates. In the meantime, mosey on over to theNIACF website to see a little more of what's been happening. (Click on "The Facility" link to see more pictures!)

Allison Brown
NIACF Executive Director